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Why get spray foam? 

  • Increases your homes energy efficiency. While foam provides excellent insulation is also acts as a vapor and air barrier. It can save a home on energy a great deal in basements and crawlspaces where humidity levels are often higher. Cold damp areas suck up heat that could be getting used to warm you and your home above. 


  • Rodent and insect control. Because spray foam cures to hardened foam it makes it much more difficult for rodents and insects to find ways into your home. Fiberglass insulation makes for great home for these critters.  

  • Spray foam has a 5.7 R value per inch. This makes it possible to get higher R values in tight spaces. 

  • Ability to act as thermal, air, and vapor barrier. Meaning once sprayed there's no need for plastic, staples, tape. eliminating all those frustrating steps.  

  • Increase structural integrity. Spray foam greatly increases the strength of the home. so much so in areas that are subjected to natural disasters, a spray foam roofing system is applied as a fully-adhered and seamless layer holding the house together even during the most extreme weather. 

  • Durability. Spray foam holds strong year after year. NOTE: coatings or paints may be required if subjected to direct sunlight. Sana's, spas, and pools will also need a further protective layer when humidity meets and exceeds 80% in the area consistently.

  • Problem wet areas like crawlspaces or basements at risk of flooding. Foam cannot be left in water for extended periods but it can handle temporary floodings where other fiber insulation would have to be removed. Also with it making a seal on the wood it would make it much more difficult for your base plant to absorb water during that time.  

  • Production. Its much faster then installing other traditional materials.  


  • Radon Gas protection. It is know Canadian shield is prominent in our area and in some cases radon gases can be active.  Spray foam can help protect by spraying directly to the bedrock making a sheet of solid foam overtop. (membrane needs placing first if rock is subject to moisture). 

Here at Supreme we use Elastochems products currently offering a 2lb closed cell polyurethane foam

to do all residential as well as commercial and industrial needs.

Inquire about specialty application such as roofing foams, half pound foams and fire proofing.    

1 Inch                  5.7R per inch                   R5.7

2 Inches              5.7R per inch                   R11.4

3 Inches              5.8R per inch                   R17.4

4 Inches              5.9R per inch                   R23.6

5 Inches              6.0R per inch                   R30

6 Inches              6.1R per inch                   R36.6

7 Inches              6.2R per inch                   R43.4

8 Inches              6.3R per inch                   R50.4

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